1 Mile Dog Walk

One-Mile Dog Walk—9:00am
Registrants may choose to participate in the one-mile walk and may bring their dog along for the fun.

Join together with friends and honor a special pet by forming your own team. Just enter team name and captain’s name on the registration form. All team members’ forms must be submitted together. A registration form and waiver must be signed by EACH individual team member.

Event Guidelines

  • Water will be provided for both you and your dog along the course
  • Walk or run with only one dog per person
  • Run only if your dog (and you) can comfortably go the distance
  • Use a 6-foot or shorter, non-retractable leash
  • Make sure your dog has current ID and rabies vaccination tags
  • Bring bags and clean up after your dog
  • Bring dogs that are 6 months or older only. Unaltered dogs may attend if they have previously been in group settings with other dogs
  • Must be registered by October 15th to be guaranteed a shirt from the event.

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