The Last Chance Fund (TLC)

The Last Chance Fund

The Last Chance Fund (TLC) is administered by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) and was established in 2009 to help ensure a source of funding for the veterinary care of animals. It provides financial grants to those animals when limited or no financial means exist to pay for the care.

We see the TLC Fund as a true partnership between veterinary practices, their clients, other pet owners, and the animal loving public that will result in the emergency care and necessary treatment of animals who might not get the proper care without this fund.

Last year’s Bark in the Park event had:

  • Over 475 people participated in walk and/or run;
  • Approximately 40 donated raffles; and
  • Over $15,000 raised for the TLC Fund.

We Need Your Help
To effectively impact The Last Chance Fund, we hope to raise a total of $20,000 at the 8th Annual Bark in the Park!

Who Has The Last Chance Fund Helped?

Meet Hefty. Hefty the cat earned his name the hard way. A victim of abuse, he was literally put in a trash bag and thrown away for dead. Badly injured, he was discovered trying to claw his way out of the bag. Hefty was taken by a good Samaritan to the Veterinary Medical Center of Lebanon for treatment.

Approximately four years old, he was examined and found to have a broken rib, fractured pelvis, broken teeth, lung contusions, intestinal parasites, fleas, and—understandably—shock. He was treated for his injuries and gradually recovered. Hefty was adopted in February 2014, and renamed Mufasa. He is now part of a family with another black cat and a beagle.

Meet Bobby Ray. Found by the side of the road, Bobby Ray was taken to Willow Mill Veterinary Hospital in March 2015 by a good Samaritan and local police. He had suffered several traumatic injuries (presumably from being hit by a car) including a spinal cord injury, lung contusions, and a fractured elbow in addition to being malnourished.

Bobby Ray had a guarded prognosis initially, but after just a few days of intensive treatment, his condition dramatically improved! Bobby Ray continued to heal and gain weight daily and he successfully underwent surgery to fix his broken elbow. Though wearing a collar when he arrived, owners could not be located and it was uncertain if he had been abandoned or just lost. Once healed, Bobby Ray was soon adopted in to a new, loving home.

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